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https://t.co/aEmUDrirf1 is a wealth of information for Bitcoiners both new and veteran! Browse the threads and learn something new! #Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s current exchange rate is 3970 USD
Track the price of Bitcoin in real time at:
https://t.co/NI4zBLretM #Bitcoin #Bitcoinprice

China May Try to Block All Bitcoin Transactions in the Country https://t.co/JIaSSwIzqA #Bitcoin

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Daily: Upcoming Conferences: Bitkan, #Dash, World Blockchain Forum
#Digitalcash #crypto #boxmining

#Dash News Weekly Recap - China Drama, New Exchanges, CoPay Wallet, London & More!
#digitalcash #crypto

SAVE 15% OFF #Amazon buying giftcards with #Dash at https://t.co/LXS5V3uNYU or the 100's of giftcards available #Starbucks #Uber & more! 🙂🏆👍

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Litecoin Core v0.14.2 released! This is an important update, all users are advised to upgrade https://t.co/WzW1mzSlS6

SegWit & CSV activation imminent. All users, especially miners and exchanges are advised to upgrade to 0.13.2 ASAP! https://t.co/rTAM2atpFh

SegWit has activated on testnet! If you mine on testnet and haven't upgraded, please do so ASAP! Release info here: https://t.co/I5GWPmSWTZ

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#Ethereum Commonwealth: DexNS 3.0 Live
Boosting Utility of Smart Contracts
-Cross-Chain Compatible
#ETC #ETCisComing


https://t.co/vn2fJlBLzo -Light Client-Side Wallet
-Create or Import Wallet
-View Info
-Interact & Deploy Contracts
$ETC #ETCisComing


Japan's GMO To Add #EthereumClassic, #Ethereum, #Litecoin & More
#Crypto #ETCisComing
https://t.co/egI46tE9ol via @FXFinanceFeeds

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Couldn't get in on Jeff's talk at #switch2017. This is like overwhelming.

NEM Foundation Vice President Jeff McDonald doing a NEM presentation in Lithuania. Livestream link https://t.co/lCYWDUwOpv

NEM team met up with the Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius to discuss Blockchain and possibilities in Lithuania".

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Keynote speakers @benbernanke, @timberners_lee & @dtapscott take the stage at #SwellbyRipple. View our full lineup: https://t.co/XChOfiHJ1F

"#Ripple has clearly arrived," #FSS says following deep dive at our #Mumbai office opening. Read the full blog here: https://t.co/vCQhEFZgrH

Subscribe to Ripple Insights for industry updates, insider perspectives and in-depth market analysis. https://t.co/NnOD14Kohh

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Monero Research Lab Roadmap - Q4 2017: https://t.co/fQ2iEtt1K6

@fluffypony Thought you might enjoy this guide. https://t.co/8FwXf565mE #Monero

@monerocurrency Congrats, you're #30 on the Top 100 Blockchain Organisations this week via @DerinCag https://t.co/GVov5LHcMv

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Two updates for Bytecoin Wallet and Bytecoin Reference Client: https://t.co/XjWy8yU3b0

New $BCN Client and Wallet. Delivered accurate recovery for corrupted database and synchronization fix: https://t.co/5oGtVLG0cG #Crypto

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I just published “Stratis Identity Proof of Concept Public Beta Release” https://t.co/aavVAq8CAK

Stratis Identity Proof of Concept Public Beta Release https://t.co/LeAFiNlFlx @stratisplatform #bitcoin #stratis #blockchain $STRAT $BTC

#StratisIdentity Beta Release is now available on Google Play https://t.co/pRsb5t1eaG, IOS coming soon!#Stratis #StratisPlatform #BlockChain

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This isn't an April Fool's joke, #Mumble is happening now with #Bytemaster!

Learn how to join #Mumble here: https://t.co/3pKHBqcxJr

How To Launch A #Crypto Currency Legally While Raising Funds by #Bytemaster https://t.co/BAEorHVFZ6

Click here to learn how to set up #Mumble: https://t.co/3pKHBqcxJr
It's happening now with #Bytemaster.

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#Entrevistas Zooko Wilcox (Zcash): "En una criptomoneda, la única manera de asegurar la fungibilidad es a ... https://t.co/4ppmddsh1p

HARVEST, my latest project, uses wind energy to mine cryptocurrency to fund climate research https://t.co/qT4ifI0xNt #zcash


The challenge is out there. Would someone in the #Zcash community able to help integrate $ZEC into the front-end of @OpenBazaar? https://t.co/slq7SkS0Di

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A quick PSA regarding Siacoin on exchanges. Especially important if you use Yunbi or Cryptopia https://t.co/LTgZXCoNvo

We just published our first in a series of monthly community updates. Super fresh. https://t.co/C52o47CQgu

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Looking forward to @golemproject update from @julianzawist this Wednesday at @UKBlockchain + payment anonymity talk from @UCL Dr Courtois

The first thing to do in a blockchain project's Slack: disable email notifications. Prevent phishing emails from reaching your inbox.

The Streamr DATAcoin pre-contribution period is SOLD OUT! A blog post will follow tomorrow.

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Big crowd at the #renderman swag table

We're live! You can now access free usage metrics for 1,000s of mobile apps. Check us out: https://t.co/hJngp29lqP

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